Clint Eastwood...

... Em entrevista à “Esquire”

(Para desanuviar)

As duas primeiras foram as que me levaram "até" à entrevista. Aqui fica o restante.

We live in more of a pussy generation now, where everybody's become used to saying, "Well, how do we handle it psychologically?" In those days, you just punched the bully back and duked it out. Even if the guy was older and could push you around, at least you were respected for fighting back, and you'd be left alone from then on.

I don't know if I can tell you exactly when the pussy generation started. Maybe when people started asking about the meaning of life.

I remember going to a huge waterfall on a glacier in Iceland. People were there on a rock-platform overlook to see it. They had their kids. There was a place that wasn't sealed off, but it had a cable that stopped anybody from going past a certain point. I said to myself, You know, in the States they'd have that hurricane-fenced off, because they're afraid somebody's gonna fall and some lawyer's going to appear. There, the mentality was like it was in America in the old days: If you fall, you're stupid.

Children teach you that you can still be humbled by life, that you learn something new all the time. That's the secret to life, really -- never stop learning. It's the secret to career. I'm still working because I learn something new all the time. It's the secret to relationships. Never think you've got it all.

Dá vontade de dizer (e digo): Grande Clint Eastwood! É sempre um prazer. Aprende-se sempre mais qualquer coisa.

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Gingerbread Girl disse...

"if you fall, you're stupid"


So true! :p

Gotta love Clint


johnny disse...

Espera aí... mas ele está a falar de nós?

Ai 'ca' filha da p...